Skills You Need

When? If you release your feelings, the next question you ask yourself, “When?” Similar to the previous steps, at a certain point you say: “I would let go of these feelings now.”

Step Eight:

Exemption. When you said to yourself, “Now”, release your feelings. Just let them go. In most cases, you really feel the physical and emotional deliverance, when you let them. You can suddenly burst out laughing.

You may feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted from your shoulders. You may feel a sudden wave of cold ran through you. This response means that the entire accumulated as a result of experiencing these feelings energy is now released and is now available to you as a consequence of the release of emotions that you have just made.

Step Nine:

Reiteration. When you release your feelings, you may want to check yourself, “Do you feel any feelings?” If any of the feelings are still there, then go through the whole process again. Quite often, similar to the release of the opening tap. You loose one, and then there are others.

Some of our emotions are so deep that they require several exemptions. Exempt as often as you can, as long until you can find that you can not detect any sign of emotion in itself.

The liberation of desire.

After enough practice emotional release, moving in each session on the specific feelings for one of the nine basic emotions, you may find that more useful to access a deeper level of his “I” – the claims of his ego – desire.

According to Levinson, the source of all our emotions, divided us into 9 basic categories, are two more deeper level – the desire. I – the desire of approval, self-assertion; II – the desire to control. Every act of will – is an indicator that you have desired. According to Levinson, “The fact that we do not have to hide our desires.” At first, it can cause confusion: what wrong with wanting approval and control? In fact, as already noted, want – it means not to have. It turns out that it is often a desire to have something really does not allow us to have it.